Let's release what your body can do.

(And maybe reveal
what your life can become.)

Your body is full of potentials.  However, most lay hidden.  In fact, we often operate at only a percentage of our ability.  You may not even realize how much more we can do wth our body.  Aspire does.

Scott Botorff founded Aspire on the idea that reaching new potentials with the body is not always straightforward quest.  Through research, practice and patience, Scott has uncovered methods and understandings on human performance that help facilitate your ability to grow, heal and evolve.   

We all have different objectives with our bodies; while some athletes seek an elite level of performance, other people simply want to live day-to-day with less pain and more energy.  While the end goals may vary, the approach Aspire takes remains the same: synthesizing disciplines of muscular mobility, fascia health and progressive practices into programs that facilitate meeting your goals.

Aspire for something better.  The potential is already in you.

Since the time of Leonardo Da Vinci to now, the connections within the body have been understood.

Since the time of Leonardo Da Vinci to now, the connections within the body have been understood.

At first it sounds
like mumbo-jumbo.

You're just as curious as anyone who wants to perform better, because the more you comprehend, the better you can perform.  But when we start hearing words like "fascia" and "meridian," we often begin to glaze over.  All the terms and complexity begins to sound like gobbledygook.  

But fascia is the component governing how you move.  It's responsible for a whole slew of factors, and yet it's amazing how unfamiliar we are with it.  Which is why Scott Botorff at Aspire breaks down the complexity and helps you understand how your fascia health may be the missing ingredient to your progress.

So, what is fascia, anyway?

A simplified explanation of fascia is all the tissues that connect muscle to bones, muscles to muscles, and other similar connectors.  When you think of how complex the body is, you can imagine how much of these fascia connections exist.  With fascia being so responsible for holding us together, it makes sense that proper maintenance is essential if we want to grow and expand.  

Fascia is worked, healed, and strengthened through all sorts of processes.  We're all familiar with basic stretching, but Scott's expertise takes stretching to a whole new level of dynamic movement.  Additionally, Scott enhances his formidable bodywork acumen with a background in athletics and coaching, which means he gives you a richer understanding of how to exercise and train to optimize your fascia's growth.

You see, fascia is one of the most dominant structures holding the body together.  It's health can optimize how well we move, feel, and even think.  Yet if it is not properly tended, years of trauma can build up and limit us.  It's often not the kind trauma we're able to even notice – in fact, most of us don't.  Our body will always seek to heal itself from damage, but most often the healing to these traumas being to compound, and prevent the muscle and fascial from opening up to its fullest potentials.  

OK. And what are meridians?

Meridians are lines of nerves that transit the body like a system of highways.  Engaging one point on a meridian can trigger activity at a separate part of the body.  Form there it's pretty easy to see the relationship of meridians and fascia: they are both ways the body integrates it's different parts to work as a whole.


Scott's approach is incredibly useful to anyone in any phase of health or ability.  His blend of expertise tools not only improve your body's abilities and output, but brings a clearer awareness of how to avoid deteriorating the great gift of your body.  The benefits that could be listed are quite literally infinite, however we can categorize the main themes you might experience below: 

  • Improved energy
  • Increased strength
  • Improved blood flow
  • Increases oxygen intake in muscles
  • Helps rest and sleep
  • Helps re-heal old scar tissue
  • Diminishes affects of previous damage
  • Improve balance 
  • Promotes calmness and reduces anxiety
  • Postural improvements
  • Balance and agility increases
  • Triggers better immune system response

Four approaches.  Infinite potentials.

While Aspire takes a custom approach to every client, we all need to start somewhere.  Which is why we have cloistered the most common areas of interest into four main service approaches.  While your own program will borrow from practices that span all of these areas, these four prevail as the main approach to your work.

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