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While we all share many physical principles in common, Scott at Aspire works with you from the philosophy that every body is the result of your life history.  Because no two histories are the same, no two bodies are in the same state and all body's need to evolve at their own pace.  A one-size-fits-all mentality is insufficient for creating unique results.  And we truly want everyone to experience their unique abilities.

With a broad range of disciplines spanning literally decades of research and practice, Scott's talent is an amalgam of  trainer, healer, body work therapist, scientist and competitive athlete.  The ability to borrow from such a vast bank of experiences, both professional and personal, allows Scott a truly unique frame of approach to your needs.

That is why we break down Aspire's approaches into four primary themes: Meridian Muscle, AspireFlex, Nutopia, and Meridian Recovery.  Each them can be seen as a point of entry into the broader scope of your body's development.

Have a look at the repertoire of service themes Scott offers through Aspire below.  From competitive athlete conditioning to injury healing to invigorating the body's overall wellness, Scott is eager to develop a plan that truly suits your specific aspirations.


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