Meridian Recovery

The body is capable of relaxing itself.  It's built right into our nervous system; it's called the autonomic nervous system to be exact.  And this system can automatically restore equilibrium, helping us heal and also release tensions that have become compounded each and every day through our variety of life experiences.

Recovering the body's ability to self-regulate via these systems is the essence of Scott's insightful meridian-focused procedures.  Meridian Recovery integrates concepts of deep stretching with a proprietary set of holds, strategic accupressure, vibrational, and unique massage elements.  Scott's intuitive "meridian tracing" technique helps locate "highly charged" sections of the body, helping them release pain and tensions.  

This method refreshes the body, allowing you to learn how to feel your movement comfortably while simultaneously encouraging the body to achieve that state via it's own energies.  From athletic recovery to injury healing to simply finding a peaceful presence within the body, Median Recovery blends techniques of Eastern and Western methodologies to help your body mend and evolve.

The importance of understanding your body's energies and how they interrelate with your body's organs is essential understanding for everyone. Meridian Recovery helps you integrate that understanding while experiencing it's effects in real-time practice.